Liga Brazil Petrobras 2012 Scoreboard by Lerp90

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Download :

How to Install :
  1. Import the file "Texture.png" to file unknow_00151.bin or unknow_00151.txt with Game Graphic Studio
  2. And than copy the file "unknow_00593.bin" to folder 0_text.afs (...Kitserver\Dat\0_text.afs)
  • or you can modify the place where you like to import this Scoreboard whit this Scoreboard  Map :
unknow_00593.bin(in 0_text.afs) = exibition _____ SCR_1(in unknow_00151.bin)
unknow_00594.bin = FIFA Club World Cup_____  SCR_2
unknow_00595.bin = EPL ___________________ SCR_3
unknow_00596.bin = La Liga _________________ SCR_4
unknow_00597.bin = Serie A ___________________________________ SCR_5
unknow_00598.bin = - ________________________________________ SCR_6
unknow_00599.bin = Lique 1 ___________________________________ SCR_7
unknow_00600.bin = Eredivisie ____________________________________  SCR_8
unknow_00601.bin = Cup _____________________________________  SCR_9
unknow_00602.bin = World Cup________________________________ SCR_10
unknow_00603.bin = ML D1 ________________________________  SCR_11
unknow_00604.bin = ML D2 ________________________________  SCR_12
unknow_00605.bin = Champions League _________________________  SCR_13
unknow_00606.bin = Europa League______________________________  SCR_14
unknow_00607.bin = - ________________________________________  SCR_15
unknow_00608.bin = International Challenge & Reebok Cup___________  SCR_16 

NB : If you have any questions,you can write in the comments box below :)

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